Tractive Suspension

Tractive develops and assembles high-end shock absorbers for motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV's and niche cars. Tractive supplies these parts through an organized, global network of partners.

Tractive products are characterized by

  • Attractive technical performance
  • Attractive looks
  • Attractive price setting
  • Electronic features

Specialized in:

  • Motorcycle shocks like BMW, Honda, Yamaha, KTM, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph
  • Snowmobile shocks like Lynx, Ski-Do & Arctic Cat, Polaris
  • Electric Preload Adjustment EPA or ride height adjustment of shocks and front forks
  • Dynamic Damping adjustment DDA: semi-active control using sensor input and/or adaptive push-of-the-button
  • Total electronic control of the vehicle with the Tractive Control Unit TCU
  • Engineering & sourcing projects, suspension projects

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1-2-2014 New employees at Tractive
Due to expansion of its production quantity, Tractive's Operations team is reinforced with two experienced new team members: Marco te Braake and Maxum Sastrodimedjo (Max). Both bring a wealth of production experience acquired during many years in the former WP shock absorber factory Netherlands.

Marco te Braake Max Sastrodimedjo

7-1-2014 ABE Approval for electronic Touratech Suspension by Tractive

Tractive suspension received the well-known German ABE approval for its electronic Touratech Suspension, developed in partnership with and distributed by Touratech. This approval is valid for a number of Adventure & Touring motorcycles with plug&play or standalone active electronic suspension. There was already an ABE for the non-electronic Touratech Suspension shocks. Details will follow.

10-12-2013 Creventic and Tractive Suspension will participate in Dubai 24h Endurance race
Tractive SuspensionTractive ACE technology will be used in Creventic's Audi R8 and Seat Leon during the Dubai 24h Endurance Race in January 2014. The Ace Technology actively improves the roll and pitch/dive behaviour. The shocks also have a reservoir with manual LS and HS compression adjusters to finetune for track conditions.


6-12-2013 Plug and Play shock absorbers for Nissan GTR
Tractive Suspension presents the world first aftermarket shocks compatible with the Nissan GTR board system. Depending on the choosen driver modus, these coil-over Plug and Play shock absorbershocks show better comfort and at the same time more sporty behavior than the original OEM shocks, less weight because of aluminum body, adjustable ride height, … The shocks can optionally be extended with reservoirs and Low Speed and High Speed compression adjusters for optimal fine tuning. It is also possible to control the shocks using the Tractive standalone ACE (Activily Controlled Electronics) Technology for active assistance during braking, curving or accelerating. Available in winter 2014

6-12-2013 Touratech Plug&Travel shocks for BMW R1200GS 13 at Long Beach IMS Show
Touratech USA displays the Plug & Travel shocks for the BMW R1200GS, the worlds first and Touratech Plug&Travel shocksonly real aftermarket system that works with stock controls and ride modes on the BMW R1200GS 13- Over-sized 46mm damping piston for cooler temperatures and reliable damping, large oil reservoir and floating piston design for smooth and consistent performance, adjustable high & low speed compression damping for maximum tunability, fully serviceable for long life and consistent performance. Damping set up for fully-loaded R1200GS right out-of-the-box. Available in a range of spring rates to match the rider's weight requirements

29-11-2013 HTAS Verified II Closure Event
In cooperation with partners TNO and NXP (former Philips Semiconductors) Tractive and Technical University BMWEindhoven (TUE) developed active damping for this BMW. The VERIFIED project addresses concepts that lead to functional, safe and robust integrated vehicle systems in a cost-effective way, while decreasing development time.The final demonstration in this BMW was 29-11-2013 in Traffic port, Venlo.

23-11-2013 CCM displays the GP450 at Birmingham NEC Motorcylce live show with Tractive shocks
The GP450 shock is developed for adventure use combining off-road robustness, light weight, plush damping and full Tractive Shockadjustability. The robustness is found in the stainless steel bushings, the16 mm dia induction hardened Chrome-Molybdenum piston rods, 46 mm damping piston, uniball bearings of best quality, etcetera. In order to keep the shock light the body is made from upset forged aluminium T6 heat treated, all other components are also from alu. The sealing system is meant specifically for this market: high endurance and low friction. The GP450 shock is available in various spring rates to match the rider's weight, optionally an (electric) preload adjuster can be used.

Even HRH Prince William tested our shock. for some footage of the NEC show.

23-11-2013 Touratech Suspension by Tractive novelties at EICMA 2013
Touratech Suspension Touratech has presented the latest novelties in Touratech Suspension at EICMA 2013:

  • Plug & travel shocks for the BMW R1200GS 13-. The worlds first and only real aftermarket system that works with stock controls and ride modes on the BMW R1200GS 13-
  • Extreme shocks for theBMW F800GS Adventure with inline Reservoir: optimal packaging, installing and robustness. The compression adjusters are conveniently placed on the shock absorber body.
  • Extreme non-electronic shocks for the BMW R1200GS 13-

On the picture Wim Peters(founder of WP, currently at Ohlins) checking our products.

15-9-2013 First aftermarket shock for HP4
Tractive proudly presents the first aftermarket plug&play shock for the Aftermarket shock for HP4BMW HP4. This shock absorber can be connected directly to the motorbike controls. The large piston diameter 46mm yields better balance and stability (original 40 mm). The Tractive Dynamic Damping Action DDA valve is direct proportional; faster and more stable response than the original Sachs CDC. The compression adjusters LS / HS allow for tuning for every track and driving condition. Personalised spring and damping setup is possible.

15-9-2013 First electronic aftermarket shocks for BMW S1000RR
This electronic suspension updates your S1000RR suspension to HP4 level. It Electronic aftermarket shocks for BMW S1000RRshows same advantages as the HP4 Plug&play shock, but uses a control unit and remote control. The driver can control during driving damping level in 5 levels depending on track and weather conditions. Using the Ace function driver can tune for for optimal pitch and dive. More stability during braking and accelerating: later breaking before bends and earlier acceleration after bends Can be extended in future with active control of fork cartridge.

9-9-2013 Creventic Audi R8 with Tractive electronic ACE suspension in Barcelona 24 hours
Tractive Audi R8 Suspension and Creventic have tested the standalone ACE suspension technology for the first time in a race car, an Audi R8 on the Zolder circuit in Belgium.

The suspension improves actively the roll and pitch/dive behaviour. The car also drove the 24 hr Endurance race of Barcelona and will participate in the Dubai 24 hrs.

Creventic organises worldwide endurance races.

15-7-2013 Tractive and RallyRaid develop suspension range for KTM 690
Tractive Suspension and Rally Raid Suspension range for KTM 690 UK developed a full suspension range for the KTM 690 especially for rallye and enduro use. The range has shoch absorbers with preload adjuster, shock absorbers with increased stroke/length, shock absorbers with internal PDS system, preload adjusters and fork length extention kits. More info.

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